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Associate of Arts in Music Studies


Associate of Arts in Music Studies is for students who are keen on obtaining an understanding of music and developing knowledge and skills suitable for employment. With an Associate of Arts in Music Studies you can gain employment in the music industry or any related industry. The study of music includes composition, musicianship and theory, solo and ensemble performance, music history, and foundation studies. As part of the Online Associate Degree in Arts & Humanities the associate degree in music studies will provide you with the required skills and training which will be your ticket to success in the music industry.

Associate of Arts in Music Studies Course Details

Associate of Arts in Music Studies course details includes the duration of the program which is around two years. The music program at the associate level will include performance, theory, composition and history of music and more details on other aspects of the online program. While studying music education you will gain skills for recording, mixing, ear training and other aspects to enter the audio industry.

Associate of Arts in Music Studies Admissions

Associate of Arts in Music Studies Admissions process includes the eligibility which is a high school diploma and a passion for music. Related experience would always count when you are applying for the associate’s degree. You will have to apply via the online application form and qualify for all the standards set by the institutions by which it is offered. So to get in-depth information one is advised to get in touch with the college or university for the admissions requirements and procedures details.

Careers in Music

There are a variety of options if you are considering taking up a career in music after graduating with an Associate of Arts in Music Studies. After graduating with an associate degree you will be able to gain the ticket to enter the industry. At the beginning of the career your remuneration will be on an average basis but with experience and more skills and training you may be able to achieve success. The career options which one can consider of are as follows:
  • marketing professionals
  • choreographers
  • composers
  • producers
  • singers
  • conductor
  • song writer
  • educator
Music schools

There are a few music schools where one can get their online music program. These schools are highly accepted and accredited and hence a common choice for many students who are music lovers and like following the online mode of study. The institutions which offer the Associate of Arts in Music Studies are as follows:
  • Boston University Online
  • Liberty University Online

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