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Associate of Arts in Religion


A prospective student does not need a bachelorís degree to attain their aims one can also get an associate degree to jumpstart their career. Associate of Arts in Religion will receive an academic foundation in Biblical Studies so that you can work in the field of religion and church. Whether you are a pastor and want to enhance your knowledge or obtain additional knowledge to gain a stronger foothold in the field of religion this degree will be beneficial. The program also serves as a stepping stone so that you can earn a bachelors degree religion. Online Associate Degree in Arts & Humanities programs is becoming quite popular and hence if you want to make a career in the fields of religion then obtain your Online Associate Degree today.

Associate of Arts in Religion Course Details

Associate of Arts in Religion is approximately two years to complete which can be learnt at your place and pace. You will be taught fundamentals of Christian theology, Christianity, and ministry. You will gain the knowledge of Bible its content and its origin. The course is designed in a way which one will help you to work in a professional ministry environment. A degree in religion via the online method will always be beneficial for all the adult students who cannot pursue a campus program.

Associate of Arts in Religion Admissions

Associate of Arts in Religion Admissions requirement depends on a lot of criteria. It is a two year degree which will help you to get your career started. To qualify for an associate online religion degree program you need to obtain a high school diploma or a GED. Religion degree programs offered by the institutes have specific admissions requirements so it is always better to contact the institution.

Religious jobs

There are a variety of Religious jobs that one can consider of taking up after graduating with an Associate of Arts in Religion. An associate degree opens up a variety of career opportunities hence one can consider the following career options they are as follows:
  • Health & Welfare Ministries
  • Religious Communities
  • Communications
  • Local Ministries
  • Social Services
  • Chaplaincy
  • Education
  • Missions
  • Business
  • Clergy
Religious School

Only one Religious School offers an Associate of Arts in Religion which is available via the online mode. This institution is very popular and is a member of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The institution is as follows:

  • Liberty University Online

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