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Associate of General Studies


Associate of General Studies is a degree which requires a minimum of 90 credit hours. This is not a transfer degree, but some of the degree can be accepted by another institution. The purpose of this degree is to provide the students an occasion to pursue a general education during the two years of college. It is a flexible program where students do not follow a specified curriculum. Due to its flexibility one may find that it does not fulfills the requirements of the four year institutions. Now you can obtain an Online Associate Degree in Arts & Humanities from the comforts of your home. Associate of General Studies Online is very beneficial for all the adult working students.

Associate of General Studies Course Details

Associate of General Studies Course Details includes foundation knowledge so that one can pursue different types of bachelors programs. General studies programs enhance your skills and knowledge so that you can perform better in this competitive world. One would need to attend classes in history, communication and rhetoric, philosophy, sociology, biology, and psychology. The credit load is same and generally students do not focus on any particular area of study.

Associate of General Studies Admissions

Associate of General Studies Admissions requirements includes credit hours in writing, speech, humanities, social science, mathematics, and computer science. You need to have passed high school with 90 credits so that you can move towards the associate degree. For General studies online admissions requirements and eligibility details one should contact the educational institution where it is offered.

Careers in General Studies

After graduating with an Associate of General Studies you can consider of many Careers in General Studies. One can work as a public school teacher or even a social worker, or may be a copywriter. You will get salaries ranging from $34,820 - $ 54,410. The job prospects can vary and you can easily get a job if you have obtained an associate degree. After obtaining general studies degrees all prospective students will have better prospects in the job scenario.

General Studies School

Associate of General Studies degree program is not offered in many institutions. There is only one institution which offers this associate degree program via the online method. This institution is an accredited educational institution which is reputed and famous among the adult working students who prefer studying via the online format.

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