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Associates of Arts in Art


The associates of arts in art degree program is an important name in the context of the online associate degree in arts & humanities that are now being offered by colleges and universities across the USA. These courses help students to develop skills necessary to have a successful career as an artist.

Associates of Arts in Art Course Details

According to the associate of arts in art course details this course spans a two year period. However, it may also vary from a year to three years. It is a full time course. At a basic level, the curriculum of this program is based on the fundamentals of general art. These courses are well complemented by the requirements of basic education.

The associates of arts in art courses cover a wide spectrum of subjects. Some of them may be mentioned as below:
  • Introduction to drawing
  • Mathematics foundation
  • Two dimensional design
  • Physical education
  • Art history
  • World literature
  • Figure drawing
  • Humanities
Associates of Arts in Art Eligibility

As per the associates of arts in art eligibility criteria the applicants should be from a high school that has been accredited. Else, he should also have finished the General Equivalency Diploma examination. Their sophomore years should have been completed with a quality point average of 3.0. Their averages at the junior year should be 2.75 or more out of 4.0. A high school guidance counselor should have recommended them as well.

In case the applicants are over 16 years age and have graduated from a secondary school they would be regarded eligible for the associate of arts in art courses as well. With regards to the overseas students their minimum TOEFL scores should be 575 for the paper examinations. 91 for the internet test and 231 for the computer test. In the verbal section of the SAT examinations their score should be 550 or more.

Associates of Arts in Art Careers

There are many associate of arts in art careers that can be taken up by the graduates of these programs. The students can take up jobs in sectors such as studio art, museum studies, art education, art marketing and applied design.

Associates of Arts in Art Universities

The applicants who wish to take up such courses can seek out a number of associate of arts in art universities and educational institutions such as the following:
  • Montgomery College Online
  • University of Maine at Augusta
  • Long Beach City College

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