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Online Associate Degree in Business Administration


An Online Associate Degree in Business Administration is an essential credential required to enter the field of business. Where cut-throat competition is the dominant scene you always need an extra edge to stay ahead in the race. Hence an associate degree would give you that push which is required to enter the field. It is an entry level qualification which is required to prepare you as a qualified professional. This online degree in Business Administration is a stepping stone which would lead you to a bachelorís degree program. Generally a student is provided with the concepts of management principles, interpersonal skills and business oriented technology information when one is graduating with an Online Associate Degree in Business Administration.

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration Course Details

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration Course Details includes fundamentals of business, project planning, business software, interpersonal communication, management, human resources, e-business along with accounting and leadership. Prospective candidates can also take classes in math and writing along with other coursework. As part of the Online Associate Degree in Arts & Humanities an associate degree in business administration via the online method takes around two years to complete.

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration Admissions

Online Associate Degree in Business Administration Admissions requirements depend on the Universities offering the program. Hence it would be suggested that one contacts the institutions for information on the requirements and eligibility criteria. But a high school diploma is always needed to qualify for an associate level degree program.

Career in Business Administration

A career in Business Administration has very high prospects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the persons employed in business administration positions are earning an average amount of $88,500 per year. With an academic degree it will help you to stay ahead in the competitive race as most companies hire persons with an academic degree. There will be new jobs created in this field by the year of 2010 and hence you will have new attractive opportunities in hand. You can expect to find jobs in different industries. Be it travel agencies or information services or even sales organizations a job will be awaiting you with bright opportunities. In the business administration field you can choose to work as an:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Underwriting Support Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

    Business Administration Schools

    There are many Business Administration Schools which offer online degree programs in the field of business administration. The esteemed institutions give the prospective students the opportunity to study by means of the online method. The institutions provide a sea of opportunities for the students who prefer to study via the online method. The Universities are as follows:

  • AIU Online
  • Kaplan University Online
  • Colorado Technical University Online
  • South University Online
  • Ellis University Online

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