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Online Associate Degree in Fire Science


Firefighting a career for the brave hearts where acts are heroic and the need to be valorous is an understatement. After graduating with an Online Associate Degree in Fire Science you will get a job which requires selfless bravery as one needs to save lives putting ones own on the line. Quick on the toe and being courageous are the two most essential characteristics to this job. The Online Associate Degree in Fire Science includes knowledge on fire prevention and suppression which gives you practical knowledge to enter the field. With the degree you will get entry level jobs in the field and then can work up your way with more skills and experience. One of the Online Associate Degree in Arts & Humanities the fire science program is becoming quite the chosen program for many students.

Online Associate Degree in Fire Science Course Details

Online Associate Degree in Fire Science Course Details includes fire prevention and its various systems, international fire codes, extinguishers, and fire service rescue practices. You will receive hands on training too as part of your coursework. The training session will not be via online mode and your site for training can be a smoke tower or may be a fire pit.

Online Associate Degree in Fire Science Admissions

Online Associate Degree in Fire Science Admissions requirement and eligibility criteria varies from college to college. But the basic requirement of a high school diploma is very essential which one has to complete and submit the document when applying for admissions at the concerned institution which offers the online fire science program. One will have to apply via the online application forms made available by the colleges. There may be other documents needed during the admissions procedure which you would need to produce.

Fire Science Jobs

Although a job which is of high risk the fire science jobs are generally not very highly paid. But the field is expected to grow with time and some positive results are expected by the year 2016. One can work in local public safety agencies or work as a fire prevention specialist. As a fire chief or a code inspector your salary may be varying around $46,000 - $80,000 per year. AS a firefighter you can earn benefits and medical packages and insurance.

Fire Science Schools

There are a few Fire Science Schools which provide the prospective students with the Online Fire Science degree. These schools are online institutions catering to millions of students across the world. The institutions are esteemed and are considered as leaders in the field of online education. The institutions offering the online degree program are as follows:

  • Kaplan University Online
  • Keiser University Online
  • Columbia Southern University Online

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