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Online Bachelor's Degrees


Achieving online Bachelorís degrees is possible with the advent of various programs that are pursued via online mode. Some of the acclaimed universities, which are pioneer in offering distance learning in India, are offering these degree courses to masses. Though the online education system is still at a very immature state, the progress is rapid. The motto of India is to spread education in almost all corners of the land and increase the rate of higher education in this country. The higher education system is solely controlled by the Ministry of human Resource Development. Among the 12 major Central Universities, IGNOU has its own stand. This University is the pioneer of distance education in India.

Content Overview:

  • Career prospect in India
  • Online Universities offering Online Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Future Prospect in USA and Abroad
  • Who can Pursue Online Degree Courses?

Career Prospect in India

The career prospects of students who have pursued online Bachelorís degrees are bright. As distance and online education is now valid everywhere, therefore, various job opportunities are open for candidates with these degrees. They can attend further education and are also eligible to attend the government job examinations as well. Moreover, the candidates can also apply for positions applicable according to their qualifications.

Online Universities offering Online Bachelorís Degrees

1. IGNOU: Indira Gandhi Open University is the pioneer university in the history of distance education in India. Since the Act of 1985, this university is offering a chance to Indian students to enrol in distance education. Today, after years of gradual progress, this central university has also underwent various changes. Now, online bachelorís courses are offered from IGNOU. Almost all discipline is covered by the IGNOU online bachelorís degree programs. Arts, Science, Technology, Business Management and Architecture courses are offered here in this premier Indian University.

2. Sikkim Manipal University: Since the inception in the year 1995, SMU is the flagship Indian university offering outstanding and cutting edge online education facilities to students. It has been found that SMU has tailored the courses in such a way that working professionals can continue their education simultaneously. This is why the online bachelorís degrees are increasing its popularity at such an alarming rate. SMU is pioneer in offering online IT programs and various technical programs. Business Management UG programs are another benchmark of SMU.

I) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT)
II) Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
III) Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
IV) Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology (BScMIT)
V) Diploma in medical imaging technology (DMIT)

3. SCDL or Symbiosis Centre of Distance Education:
Basically, this University offers the PG online degrees. But among various online diploma courses, SCDL offer:

I) Diploma in Creative Writing in English
II) Diploma in Teaching English

Future Prospect in USA and Abroad

Since globalisation, advancement in almost all sectors is very prominent. Education like medical science and others have also reached its zenith. Nowadays, students with online bachelorís degree can easily get admitted in different foreign colleges and universities. There are many institutions across USA and abroad, which offer admittance to students with online degrees from Indian universities. It is also witnessed that many recruiters are also accrediting candidates with online bachelorís degrees and offering them jobs.

Who can Pursue Online Degree Courses?

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Working professionals
  • Aged candidates

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