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Home >> Online Bachelor Degree in Business Financial Management

Online Bachelor Degree in Business Financial Management


Online Bachelor Degree in Business Financial Management imparts knowledge in finance management. Finance management happens to be the backbone of business. Effective finance control is directly proportional to the growth in business. For all these complete knowledge of finance, economics and business law is essential. Business Financial Management online degree teaches you the art of managing money.

The online bachelorís degree in Business Financial Management programs trains you as a professionally qualified financial manager. Financial managers are the ones who should be aware of all the operations in the varied departments of an organization. Their expertise is required at every level. These online programs are the stepping stone of success for all these managers to climb up the upper management positions.

Online Bachelor Degree Business Financial Management Requirements:

Online bachelor degree business financial management requirements are more or less same as other online degrees in business. The academic requirement is a High School diploma. If you have earned GED you are eligible for these online bachelors degree in business financial management.

Online Bachelor Degree in Business Financial Management Courses:

The fundamentals of business finances are imparted by online bachelor degree in business financial management courses. You are imparted lessons in the techniques of business finances that include capital budgeting, budgetary control, cost variance report, financial planning and financial analysis. The other focus areas are economics, data analysis, business planning and project management. Principles of accounting, banking management and business law are also part of the online curriculum.

The major components of business financial management online bachelor degree are personal portfolio management, multinational business finance, financial institutions and markets, business modeling, project evaluation and international trade.

Career Prospect of Business Financial Management Jobs:

The scope and career prospect of business financial management jobs is high. Almost all the industries and sectors have several entry-level opening for business financial graduates. You can work as a cash manager, credit manager, treasurer and as a finance officer. The other career options are that of an accountant, auditor and market analyst. In whatever position you are you will be integrally connected to the success and prosperity of the company.

Colleges/ Universities offering Online Bachelor Degree in Business Financial Management:

Following are the universities offering online bachelor degree in business financial management:

  • National American University
  • James Cook University

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