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Home >> Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology

Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology


Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology merges the knowledge of business with modern information technology. Sound business knowledge coupled with information technology skill can create excellent career opportunities for you.

The domain of a company manager has broadened. He no longer has a traditional job profile because he needs to keep himself updated with latest technologies and concepts. The blend of technology in business is a must for smooth functioning of a company. Online bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology combines technology and business courses.

Business Information Technology Requirement:

A high School graduation certificate is a Business Information Technology requirement. For securing admission in Business IT online degree at Kenya Methodist University you should have a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum of ‘C’ grade in English and Mathematics. Any other equivalent education makes you eligible for these online bachelors degrees. .

Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology Courses:

Students pursue business courses along with IT and e-commerce studies. The focus areas in online bachelor degree in business information technology courses are accounting, statistics, economics, computer science, software engineering, network and data communications.

Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology courses are designed on the development, implementation and management of business information systems. The online programs teach and develops skill in analysis of business problem, computer programming, application design and implementation of IT solutions to sort out business problems.

Business Information Technology Jobs:

The career opportunities are wide-ranged after you complete pursuing online bachelors degrees program in business information technology. You can get recruited as business analyst, business data analyst, information analyst, project manager and IT manager.

You can work as a network administrator, database developer and administrator, systems analyst and systems developer. You can be a researcher in the IT sector and can see yourself as an IT trainer. This online program is the stepping stone for getting numerous business technology jobs and securing a bright career ahead; through work experience you can even become the Chief Executive Officer of your company or organization.

The job sectors, which recruit the graduates, are banks, auditing firms, software houses, law firms, consumer goods companies and IT training institutions.

Colleges/ Universities offering Online Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology:

The colleges/ universities offering online bachelor degree in Business Information Technology are:

  • The University of Adelaide Online
  • Dublin Business School Online
  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences Online
  • Kenya Methodist University Online

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