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Online Bachelor Degree in Education


Teaching skills are unique and it is not everybodyís cup of tea. It requires skills and in depth knowledge in a particular subject and basic awareness to teach students. It is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying careers. You will be able to teach at the K-12 level if you have attained an Online Bachelor Degree in Education.

But for issues and reasons you might not be able to access your degree on-campus. Then Online Bachelors Degrees would be absolutely suitable for you. If you are on the verge of giving up your dreams of becoming a teacher, an Online Bachelor Degree in Education might answer your needs.

Education Admissions:

To be eligible in an educations program at the bachelorís level you need to have a high school diploma or an associate degree. These are the minimum basic requirements which you have to fulfill. But as such online programs do not have regulations which are inflexible. Hence getting admission into Education Degrees Online is very easy and you do not have to face any problems. Online forms are accessible easily hence applying at one of the institutes offering this program at the bachelors degree.

Course Duration: Online Bachelor Degree in Education:

Generally an Online Bachelor Degree in Education takes up four years approximately to complete the whole program. But since it is an online program you can complete it at your own pace and time. A basic of 60 semester hours is required to complete this program which you can finish according to your own convenience.

Careers in Education:

After you attain an Online Bachelor Degree in Education you can go for further studies in educational field or you may start teaching at a school. You can teach at any level be it Elementary, Middle or Secondary. You can consider the Kindergarten or the Preschool level also. Starting salaries for a bachelorís degree holder in the field of education is moderate. To work in a school you need to have a basic bachelorís degree which is very essential. Later you can continue with a masters or doctoral level degree.

Education Universities:

This subject is very popular among students and hence more and more students apply to study in this field. But often due to time constraints you cannot attend your classes at the institution; hence online system of education is preferred at such times. Some institutes exist who provide the students with this degree program. The institutes offering an education bachelor degree online are as follows:

  • University of Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Walden University, Minneapolis
  • Ashford University, Clinton
  • Liberty University Online, Virginia
  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix

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