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Home >> Online Bachelor Degree in Game Software Development

Online Bachelor Degree in Game Software Development


Someone who is an ardent computer game lover and is addicted to the technology must also be inclined to take up the online bachelor degree in game software development technology. Nowadays everyone is busy in their own professional world and donít have enough spare time to dedicate on higher studies by actually taking physical classes, hence taking recourse to game software development online courses. Keeping the academic requirements of those working professionals in mind, Universities have started offering online game software development programs. In the present world of technological advancements, online bachelors degrees in game software development is in high demand.

Eligibility for Online Bachelor Degree in Game Software Development:

There are some very basic criteria for enrollment in the online game software development program. Anyone who has an aptitude in this computer game technology and is a creative person at the core can pursue the course on game software technology.

Game software development programs:

The bachelorís program on game software technology includes training on game prototyping, animation and software testing. Developing a computer game requires a lot of creativity coupled with engineering skills. Most of the Universities offering bachelorís program on game software development focus on the basics of software engineering and development of game software. For example the Westwood College offering online bachelors of Science on Game Software Development program, has a comprehensive study material enabling hand-on learning of the subject. Highly knowledgeable and skilled faculty members impart valuable and effective training and instructions online. The programs on game technology in Westwood College cover areas such as:

  • Game Analysis
  • Playability
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • The history of gaming
  • 3-D game engine architecture etc.

    Game Technology:Careers:

    There is no dearth of job opportunities for a graduate in game software technology. One has options in both creative and technical field in the professional level after successfully completing the online bachelorís degree in game software technology. One can be recruited as engineering programmers who develop game software and run the game eventually. Again one can also get placement as an artist whose main aim is to deal with graphic programs give life to those programs developed by the programmers.

    Game software development:schools:

    There are some schools and colleges offering bachelorís degrees in game software development such as:

  • Westwood College, Denver
  • Devry University, Naperville
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

    Both for realistic as well as for playful purpose, bachelorís degree courses on game technology have come up with excellent online study modules. This study module is aimed at offering the students perfect and matter of fact knowledge and skills required to be a successful game developer.

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