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Online Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences


An Online Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences could be your stepping stone to enter the field of health care. Through a full time campus program at a university, earning a degree in health science is a time consuming process and expensive too. Moreover, a full time degree program in health science doesn’t really take into account the learning pace of the student. On the contrary an online bachelor degree is about personalized attention to each student and the open courseware of a health science degree is designed keeping view the different study paces of the learners. That is why the online degrees are self paced with study modules that help step by step learning. Moving into the medical line by opting for continuing education is also a viable option for online bachelor degree holders in the area of health science. It has been predicted that the health care industry is poised for a high growth. This will be reflected in terms of opportunities available for medical professionals, newcomers as well as academicians.

For all the aspirants who want to belong to the health care sector opting for a full time degree at an international medical school may not be possible. However, you can still realize your dream the online way! A bachelor degree in health science online will give you an academic foundation in areas like the various technologies used in the medical field, laboratory work, use of radiology and even health care management. Need for medical and health care professionals are also rising in areas of public health and government organizations. Online degree holders in health science are being provided with entry level jobs in these sectors. A bachelor degree in health science in the virtual way will also offer specialized training in fields of medical service, clinical research and management.

Eligibility for an Online Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences:

This specialized branch of study does have some admission requirements however the criteria is relaxed when compared to that of full time degree programs. Some medical universities offer open courseware in health science at the baccalaureate level asks for a diploma in health science to grant admission. Applicants of an Online Health Science Bachelor Degree will also need to meet the basic requirements in English proficiency, statistics and humanities and health studies. Computer literacy is a must.

Popular Online Courses in Health Science:

Some of the online bachelor degree courses in health sciences that have become a popular choice for online degree seekers are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
  • BS - Health Sciences / Professional Degree Completion
  • BS in Health Science
  • BA / Health Care Studies – Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Respiratory Therapy
  • BS in Heath and Wellness

    Career in Health Science:

    Career opportunities for medical professionals are plenty. Being a medical training personnel, nutritionist, laboratory assistant, pharmacists or a health care training professional are some of the options. An online degree holder can also opt to become a physical therapist, respiratory therapist, medical administrative official, medical insurance agent and even a public health professional.

    Universities offering Online Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences:

    Students who intend to pursue an online bachelor degree in health sciences can choose from various online medical schools. Some international universities who offer online and distance learning programs in health science are:

  • University of St. Francis Online
  • Touro University Online
  • Ashford University Online
  • The George Washington University
  • South University Online
  • Keiser University Online
  • University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Kaplan University Online
  • Thompson River University, BC

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