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Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales


If you are wondering if your budget and busy schedule will let you take up a bachelor degree program in marketing and sales then look around once more! There’s another viable option waiting for you. Conceive smart marketing plans with an Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales. There’s something special about being the face of a company. The one who gets business for the organization are always held in high esteem. But it will be wrong to assume that it’s an easy task. Only if you have the skill and the awareness it will be possible for you to be the mastermind behind marketing and sales plans of the enterprise.

Trust your instincts and also the real facts that will assure you that several professionals and newcomers have trusted this online bachelor degree to be on the forefront of the company’s business. The field of marketing and sales is meant for the ones who run on ambitions. When there is a boom, all industries want to make the most of it and the marketing personnel are in demand. When the companies are hit by a downturn the marketing and sales guys are the last resort who can change the fate of the enterprise by devising new marketing plans. This should convince you that your future as a sales or marketing person is not affected by the economic environment.

Eligibility for an Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales:

A GED or high school diploma and basic knowledge of computer is essential to enroll for an Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales. Access to the internet is also important. Students can confirm their admission by rendering the admission fee for the online course. The admission staff is always present to guide the applicants through the admission process.

Popular Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales:

Going for an online bachelor degree courses in marketing and sales has become a popular trend among business professionals and students. Online marketing and sales degrees cover various areas of specialization often focusing on specific subjects which would be a value addition for the students. Some of the online bachelor degrees in this field include:

  • BS in Communication / Marketing and Sales Communication
  • BA / Organizational Management - Retail Management
  • BS in Business with a Specialization in Marketing
  • BS in Business Administration
  • B.B.A. in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing

    Career in Marketing and Sales:

    The most encouraging fact when you are thinking of a career in the field of sales and marketing is that, you will be able to fit in any industry. When you are armed with a bachelor degree you are sure to move up move up to leadership positions in this field in any company that you are employed with. From client service to designing advertisement, budget planning for marketing campaigns and direct selling activities; the scope is all pervasive.

    Universities offering Online Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Sales:

    Accredited online universities the world over provide online marketing and sales degrees at the baccalaureate level. You can also make a choice from various online marketing universities and colleges. Some of the reputed universities and colleges that provide online bachelor degree in marketing and sales are cited below:

  • Ashford University Online
  • University of Phoenix Online
  • Strayer University Online
  • Phoenix University Online
  • Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburg
  • Kaplan University Online
  • Capella University Online
  • Baker College Online
  • Westwood College Online
  • AIU Online
  • Regis University, CO

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