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Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing


In order to provide advanced knowledge required to be a professional and competent nurse practitioner, the online bachelor degree in Nursing has come into vogue. Nowadays there are several accredited Universities and Colleges offering online degree programs in Nursing. The online bachelors degree in Nursing equips the students with the skills that are very much in demand to become a registered nurse.

Admission requirements for Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing:

There are no stringent admission procedures or criteria for enrolling in the online bachelor’s degree program in Nursing. However a person has to have a real passion for patient care and commitment for the medical profession to be eligible for the online bachelors degree. Again if someone has a prior knowledge in subjects such as physiology, pharmacology and biology, then he is already one step ahead in the path of the learning procedure.

Online Nursing degree programs:

The coursework in the Bachelors Degree in Nursing online includes within its domain basics in social and biological sciences and also fundamentals in physical sciences. The course work that forms the base of the Bachelor Degree in Nursing online involves study on medicine, skills about patient care, medical technology etc.

Career in Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing:

After successfully completing the Bachelors in nursing online from a reputed University, one can get placement as case manager or a supervisor. Again the students who are graduating from a renowned institute in Nursing can get recruited in hospitals as registered nurse practitioners.

Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing Colleges:

There are some accredited colleges that are reputed for offering Bachelor in nursing online that are career oriented and comprehensive. The Institute offering bachelor’s program in Nursing online is as follows:

  • Kaplan University, Chicago
  • University of Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Jacksonville University, Jacksonville

    University of Phoenix offering online degrees is recognized by “the Higher Learning Commission”. It offers the aspirant nurse practitioners with lucid and matter of fact course in Nursing. The Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing of this Institute is acknowledged and accredited by “The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission”. The bachelor’s program in Nursing in Jacksonville University is designed in such a way that helps the working professionals to complete their undergraduate education along with managing their professional responsibilities. The Kaplan University Nursing programs are also offered at the under graduation level and help the aspiring nurses adopt the quality to meet the challenges that the nursing profession needs.

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