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Home >> Online Bachelor Degree in Theology and Divinity

Online Bachelor Degree in Theology and Divinity


Online bachelor degree in theology and divinity deals with biblical scripture, Christian administration, history and tradition, and the Christian laws, rules and divinity. During the study period one can also learn about all the essential principles and ethics of Christianity. The courses are designed to be extremely extensive as well as self-paced so that you can have a thorough knowledge on the subject without impeding your job routine.

Admission Policies for Online Bachelor Degree in Theology and Divinity:

In some institutions candidates below 35 years are not eligible to apply for the online bachelor degree courses in theology and divinity. Otherwise in most of the cases an approached candidate must be a Baptist; however, different universities set down different admission policies for online bachelor degree in theology and divinity, thus there is no such specific enrollment criterion for the course. Nevertheless, to get the actual information, a prospective student should get in touch with the particular university he has applied for.

Online Bachelor Degrees in Theology and Divinity:

Students seeking a bachelor degree course in theology and divinity online can find several reputed universities offering bachelor degree courses on the said subject. Theology and Divinity can also be learned through various related courses like courses on Christian ministry, biblical study, and a number of other courses closely associated with the Christian theology and divinity. Some of the most popular courses are given bellow:

  • Bachelor of Theology: Pastoral Major
  • Bachelor of Religious Education: Pastoral Major
  • Bachelor of Theology: Pastoral Major

    Career in Theology and Divinity:

    After completion of the course a person becomes eligible for the Christian administration. Biblical institutes always need a knowledgeable teacher with a complete faith on the Christian religion. So a man holding a bachelor degree in theology pursues his career as an academician, however to reach the top position as an academician or Christian administrator a man need to study further. Persons with a bachelor degree can also opt for several other positions in Christian society as well.

    Online Bachelor Degree Schools of Theology and Divinity:

    Many universities open up with several online bachelor degree courses in theology and related studies. Some popular online bachelor degree schools of theology and divinity offering bachelor degree courses on the subject and associated study programs are given below:

  • Prairie Bible Institute, Canada
  • Crown College, MN
  • Griggs University, Maryland
  • Caldwell College, New Jersey
  • Sterling College - Online
  • Baptist College of Florida
  • Columbia Union College
  • Saint Joseph's College of Maine
  • Master's College and Seminary (Canada)
  • Briercrest Bible College (Canada)
  • Melbourne Colle4ge of Divinity

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