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Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling


If you like helping others and you think you are a patient listener then a career in counseling can be considered by you. If you are already in the career then a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling degree can be beneficial to enhance your skills and knowledge. Online Counseling Degrees helps a prospective student to get into the field of counseling and choose a specific field where they can operate.

A Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling requires devising a research project. A doctorate degree in this field is the highest level of degree which can be attained. This generally goes along with a specific licensure. The counseling program in the doctoral level will give you a stronger grip on the theories and techniques of this field and its related aspects.

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Course Duration

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Course duration depends on the level of degree and the institutions which is making the degree accessible to the students. It can take up to 5-7 years to complete a program in the doctoral level. Online programs have no strict time duration but it is better if you contact the Universities which provide this counseling doctoral degree.

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Admissions

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Admissions procedure is through an online application form. Counseling degrees online admissions requirements include a masters degree in counseling. To get in-depth information in this field and to give your career a new edge you can obtain a counseling doctorate degree.

Counseling Careers

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling can lead to many career options. After graduating with a counseling doctorate degree you can choose a career as teaching. You can also choose to become a trained professional counselor. Another career path which you can choose to work in is in the Christian context. Career counseling, family counseling and rehabilitation counseling are some of the career options which you can consider of choosing. Counseling Careers are highly taxing and exhilarating especially who is keen to work in this field will be highly satisfied once started of with their career.

Counseling Schools

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling is available in two universities via the online format. The institutions which offer this online degree in counseling are reputed and are popular accredited institutions which provide the students with the best quality online education. The Counseling Schools which provide one with this online program are as follows:

  • Liberty University Online
  • Walden University Online

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