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Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling


The Master of Arts in pastoral counseling degree prepares the students for a career as a pastoral clinician. These pastoral counseling training programs enable the students to provide effective therapeutic services in contexts that are faith based. These online pastoral counseling training programs have curriculums that span several disciplines.

Yet another feature of this pastoral counseling education program of Master of Arts in pastoral counseling is the opportunity to learn with peers. All these factors have made pastoral counseling courses such as these important parts of the online counseling degrees in USA.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Course Details

The Master of Arts in pastoral counseling course details reveal that the students would be getting acquainted with the details of present day theological and psychological theories of the system of pastoral counseling programs.

In the Master of Arts in pastoral counseling course the students would be taught the various academic approaches of pastoral counseling degrees that are ideal combinations of both practical and theoretical aspects of present day pastoral counseling and care.

This pastoral counseling degree online program of Master of Arts in pastoral counseling would assist the students in finding out how a counselor functions relationally and individually. This pastoral counseling certification program would teach the students about intensive and supportive therapies. They would also learn about theological congruence and psychological competence.

Following are some subjects that are included in the Master of Arts in pastoral counseling program:
  • Human Relation Skills
  • Human Development
  • Models of Pastoral Counseling
  • Identity Integration
  • Family Therapy and Personal Transformation
  • Theology of Developing Person
  • Theology
  • Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context
  • Couples Counseling
  • Group Counseling Approaches
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Psychopathology
Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Admissions

The Master of Arts in pastoral counseling admissions rules state that candidates would need to furnish an application fee along with an application form that has been completed. They would have to provide official transcripts of their entire academic career. A couple of recommendation letters and a personal statement need to be furnished as well.

In case the applicants for Master of Arts in pastoral counseling program are from outside USA they would have to provide their IELST or TOEFL scores. The TOEFL scores should be 213 or more in computer based tests and 550 in written tests. In case of internet based test of TOEFL the score should be 79 or more. The IELST score should be 6.5 or more. They have to submit their transcripts for the purpose of evaluation

Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Career

There are number of Master of Arts in pastoral counseling career options for the graduates of this program. For example these are some fields where they can find work:
  • Parishes - Youth ministry, Counseling, Pastoral Associate
  • Ministry to the Elderly
  • Hospitals Chaplaincy
  • Hospice Ministry
  • Universities - Student services, University ministry,
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Family Guidance Centers
  • Pastoral Counseling Centers
  • Retreat Centers
  • Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Centers
  • Catholic Diocesan Social Services
  • Community Service Settings
  • Lutheran Child & Family Services or Catholic Charities
  • Spiritual Direction and Formation Work
  • Jewish Social Services, Jewish Elderly Services
  • Peace and Justice, and Mediation Work
  • AIDS or HIV Treatment Center Services or Lutheran Social Services
  • Marriage, Family, and Divorced Ministries
  • Prison Ministry
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Addiction Treatment Centers
Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling Universities

In the USA there are many Master of Arts in pastoral counseling universities. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

Loyola University Institute of Pastoral Studies
Moravian Theological Seminary USA
Liberty University Online
South Florida Bible College
Seattle University

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