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Master of Science in Family Therapy


Master of Science in Family Therapy prepares its graduates to assist families in solving problems so that members can view it as a unit within larger social systems. This is an online program which is structured for students who cannot apply for a campus program. This program provides an opportunity for students to comprehend the importance of making possible dialogue for marginalized individuals, communities and families. Family Therapy Online is fast gaining importance and hence a family therapy counselor is much in demand.

The Master of Science in Family Therapy is designed for students who want to meet the educational criteria for licensure in family therapy. This degree is designed for students who after graduating would assist individuals in building stronger and healthier families. They would discover to maintain this bond and enrich strong relations. As part of the Online Counseling Degrees this program provides training for individuals who seek expertise in the professional field of family therapy.

Master of Science in Family Therapy Eligibility

The admissions requirement for a masterís degree program in counseling with a focus on family therapy is a bachelorís degree in a similar field. Without the bachelors degree program you will not qualify. It is a two yearís online program and to know more about the eligibility criteria you will have to contact the University by which it is offered.

Online admissions process for masters degree family therapy is a hassle free process where you have apply though the online application forms and complete the form with some details. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree which should be obtained from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0, and should have completed at least 5 Psychology courses, MAT or GRE Score and 2 years of Human Services experience.

Family therapy career

After graduating with Master of Science in Family Therapy one will be offered a variety of career opportunities in the field of counseling. Family therapy degrees will help you to become a family therapy counselor and deal with family problems. These types of jobs are quite lucrative and very exciting.

Family Therapy School

The family therapy school which offers Master of Science in Family Therapy is only one institution which offers this program. This institution is a highly esteemed one which is a popular choice for all online students. The institution which offers the online degree program is as follows:

  • University of Massachusetts Online

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