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Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling


Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling program gears up its graduates to be professionals in the field of counseling which deals with therapy. It is a challenging field as one has to face many difficult situations while handling the patients. This career involves treatment of the individual through different procedures one being psycho analysis. You will have to work with people with physical or mental problems. This program is focused on assisting people who have problems and need assistance to get back to their normal state.

Rehabilitation counseling program is offered via the online format and so it is very helpful for all the students who cannot obtain a degree via the traditional method. After obtaining a degree you can give your career a new edge which will help you to achieve success in the counseling field. This is an expanding and a specialized field which requires many skills and training and hence to become a successful rehabilitation counselor you need to obtain a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Rehabilitation Counseling Eligibility

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling is a two year program. It is a masterís degree program hence a basic bachelorís degree has to be obtained to qualify for this online degree program. Online Counseling Degrees are quite popular and this specific field is highly in demand which you can obtain via the online format. For detailed information on admissions requirements and eligibility criteria for a rehabilitation counseling degree you can contact the institution which offers the online program.

Rehabilitation Counseling Jobs

There are different places where rehabilitation counselors can work. Rehabilitation Counseling Jobs would place you in psychiatric center, or hospitals or clinics. Schools and rehabilitation agencies also hire rehabilitation counselors. You can also get employment in state vocational rehabilitation agencies, and independent living centers. As a counselor your remuneration can be quite attractive. But with the remuneration extreme hard work will also come. This is a very specific field hence career options after graduating with a degree in rehabilitation counseling are limited but they are highly thrilling and demanding.

Rehabilitation Counseling Universities

The Institutions which offers this Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling Online are highly popular accredited institutions which are very much in demand amongst students who prefer to study via the online format. The Universities offering Rehabilitation Counseling program are as follows:

  • University of Massachusetts Online
  • University at Buffalo Online
  • Winston-Salem State University Online

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