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Home >> Online Counseling Degrees >> Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling

Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling


Ph.D. in Human Services – Counseling is a specialization which focuses on healthy life adjustment and bring about a synthesis in the social approaches to human growth. With Ph.D. in Human Services – Counseling you will learn the philosophy through which you will be able to help others. There are many theories through which you will be able to create a positive effect on the social, psychological and ethical development. Doctoral degrees online are the ideal option for students who want to obtain a degree, maintaining the flexibility and at the same time earning advanced skills and knowledge.

Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling Course Details

This Ph.D. counseling online degree include advanced research and theory and techniques which focus on issues contemporary and some may be related to human emotion, and sufferings. Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling Course Details includes child adolescent problems, mental health issues, compulsive and addictive behaviors. Besides the online course one will have to attend a one week colloquia at some stages of your online program.

Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling Admissions

Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling Admissions procedure is through online application forms. For details regarding admissions procedure and requirement you can contact the admissions department of the online institutes which offers the Counseling online programs. For a PhD degree you will have to have obtained a masters degree from an accredited educational institute to qualify.

Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling Careers

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States a doctoral degree holder earns around $74,000 a year. Ph.D. in Human Services – Counseling are for those who are already in this field and want to get an advanced degree along with skills and training. The career path is very difficult but you will surely enjoy while you are on the job. As part of the Online Counseling Degrees this program has opened up several career opportunities which are very beneficial for an aspirant.

Counseling online schools

After acquiring the degree Ph.D. in Human Services – Counseling you will get the required skills and training to stay ahead in this profession. There are a few Counseling online schools from where you can get your degree without having to compromise on your other work schedules and learn from the comfort of your home. These Universities are accredited institutions and is a number of student’s choice when it comes to online learning. The institutions which offer this phd counseling online program are as follows:

  • Capella University Online
  • Walden University Online

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