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Online Degrees in India

Higher education in India has emerged in a wide array of streams which are controlled by an apex body and unofficially directed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Keeping in mind the eagerness of the working professionals to add extra degrees to their resume, Indian education system has offered the options of studying online. Online education in India is very much in to vogues thanks to the number of Universities and Colleges offering online study programs in myriads of education fields. The students have the option to choose from the different online degrees in India depending on the specific study field that the student has taken up.

Admission and Eligibility for Online Degrees in India

There are some eligibility criteria that have to be met in order to get admission in the online study programs at various Universities. The students can download the application form from the website. The applicants are required to undergo an online admission test to be eligible for the online degree programs in India. Various cities of India act as the admission test center for different India Online degrees. After cracking the admission test a candidate has to pay the fees get admitted in the course.

Online degree programs

In the field of online degree India has become very popular as a number of working professionals want to refurbish their resume by adding a degree or two. Online degree courses have come as a boon for those people. There are several education fields offering courses that can be studied online in India such as:
Advantages of Online degrees in India:

  • Online degrees can fulfill the ambition of a student to be a part and parcel of a reputed education Institute in spite of continuing his professional life.
  • Online education is cheaper than regular study programs thus saving an extra buck for students who fail to afford expensive regular education.
  • Thanks to the online degree programs, one can acquire degrees from all accredited Universities in India.

    Online Degrees Universities:

    Thanks to the internet facility and accessibility, modern classrooms have transformed into cyberspace. There is various reputed education Institutes that have extended their horizon by offering online study programs. Some of the renowned Universities offering degrees online are as follows: All these Institutes ensure PCPs which are the personal contact programs on a compulsory basis. IGNOU is noted for offering specialized online study programs.

    Foreign Universities Offering Online Degrees

  • University of Phoenix
  • DeVry University
  • Ellis College Online
  • George Washington University
  • Axia College Online
  • Strayer University
  • Ashford University
  • Walden University
  • Kaplan University
  • Villanova University

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