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Online Counseling Degrees


Do you have a tendency to analyze people and their behavior? In that case, Counseling is your cup of tea. Counseling is commonly referred to as the process of guidance to sort out difficulties. Though, the actual approach is different in case of Guidance and Counseling. Guidance is a procedure that follows specific pathways to provide specific solutions. Whereas, in counseling, the person or organization is made to understand the nature and magnitude of problem. The person or organization then by the self finds out solutions. Basically, a counselor helps the subjects to empower their own decision making ability.

Quite naturally a counselor needs to have enough knowledge of the field being dealt with. Online Counseling degrees are helpful to start a career in counseling. There are several streams of study to opt for to pursue online Counseling degrees. Some of the streams can be mentioned here as Psychological Counseling, Clinical Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Mental Health Counseling and many more.

Online Counseling Degrees and Courses:

A specific degree in counseling helps a student to get the breakthrough into the profession of Counseling. Online Counseling Degrees conducted by several institutes around the globe are helpful. Students get the multi faceted aspects of counseling along with a professional degree sitting at home. The choice of stream to be taken up by a student should be carefully chosen according to their own fields of interest. The natures of courses vary from Bachelors Degree in counseling to a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling. Several Online Counseling degrees are mentioned below:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Counseling
  • BS in Addiction Counseling
  • M.S. in Mental Health Counseling (CACREP-Accredited)
  • MS in Addiction Counseling
  • MS - Mental Health Counseling
  • MS in Clinical Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Human Services - Counseling

    Online Counseling Related Studies:

    Just like any stream of study, Counseling studies also have similarity as well as dependency on other subjects. The other courses that one can take up as a staircase to the counseling profession are:

  • MS Psychology Online Degrees
  • Masters Social work Online Degrees

    Though, the area of exposure gets limited in case of specific subjects. It is a good option for medical practitioners to pursue Online Counseling Degrees since physical health and mental health are generally related.

    Online Counseling Degrees Admissions:

    To enter Online Counseling Degrees, one must have some minimum academic qualifications as applicable to different level of study. Admission to Bachelors in counseling program needs the candidate to have a minimum high school degree or equivalent. Similarly, to get access to Masters in Counseling Degrees, on must have passed Bachelors in counseling course. People who need to have even higher degrees can opt for a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology program or any other Doctorate in Counseling Programs. In this case the person needs to have a Masters in Counseling Degree. In some cases, the candidate needs to have achieved specific minimum grades in the previous level of education.

    Online Counseling Degree schools:

    Several reputed universities around the world provide Online Counseling degrees. The program durations may vary from 60 hours to a few years. The program conducted by Liberty University Online provides a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling that has course duration of 60 Hours. In general the language of study for Online Counseling Degrees is English to make them internationally acceptable. Following are some of the institutes and universities that provide Online Counseling Degrees:

  • Walden University, Baltimore
  • Capella University, Minneapolis
  • Bellevue University, South Bellevue
  • Grand Canyon University, Arizona
  • UMass Online, University of Massachusetts’, Shrewsbury

    Careers in Counseling:

    Online Counseling Degrees open up a varied range of career opportunities for the students. Clinical counseling is one of the leading opportunities today due to increasing complicacy in health issues. Patients need to know correctly about their own medical disorders and the potential mode of treatment. A physician with an Online Counseling Degree may prove to be an excellent Clinical Counselor.

    Mental Health Counseling is an ever expanding career opportunity due to multiplying anxiety in this competitive world. The current global recession may have been a catalyst to this resulting in mental disturbances.

    Opportunities are available for Addiction Counselors. Drug addiction being one of the most ferocious social challenges; provide the chances of recruitment as an Addiction Counselor at hospitals and Addiction Rehabilitation centers.

    All the above mentioned counseling domains are part of Psychological Counseling. Counseling Services are provided by several social organizations who hire Counselors for the purpose. Apart from these, a lot of Human Behavioral Research activities are in process around the globe. People having an Online Counseling Degree can associate themselves to such activities. Though, research works in this field needs the researcher to be well experienced.

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