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Online Emergency Management Degrees


Do you want to study something different than normal academic subjects? Do you dream of a career to help people in distress? Try Online Emergency Management Degrees. Emergency management is the need for every country now. Follow this page to know what emergency management exactly is, where to study and what the opportunities to work are.

Viewing the threat of natural calamities like Tsunami, man made hazards like war and terrorism and accidents like fire, emergency management is a priority. The duty of an emergency management team is to help victims of such incidents. Moreover, there duty is to take preventive actions before such an incident happens. You need to be physically fit and mentally strong to take up emergency management as profession.

Emergency Management organizations came up for relief work on most of the disasters of recent history. Nowadays, fire services do the work of emergency management in all accounts and not only fire accidents. Emergency management needs dedication and service of the people for the people in distress. If you are having a military background then this is the best option to serve the people.

Online Emergency Management Degrees and Courses:

Online emergency management degree programs are designed to teach certain abilities and qualities. On pursuing such a course you learn how to take decisions and lead people in case of emergencies. The most important part of such a program is disaster preparedness. Today, with the advancement in internet based education systems you need not attend regular classes to learn these things.

Emergency Management Schools provide emergency management classes online. You can pursue such a course without affection your current employment or studies. Some of the online emergency management courses available at different online schools are listed below:
  • Advanced Start B.S. in Fire and Emergency Management
  • BS - Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • B.S. in Fire and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Emergency and Disaster Management
  • MS - Emergency Management
  • Master of Science - Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • Master of Science in Safety, Security and Emergency Management - Concentration in Fire & Emergency Services
  • MS in Executive Fire Service Leadership
  • MS in Leadership: Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management
  • PhD - Emergency Management
  • Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration - Public Safety Management (Mixed-Model)
Online Emergency Management Related Studies:

There are other online emergency management related studies that provide you the option to work in the same field. It is the need of emergency management offices to be informed and keep connected. Here comes another course of study that gives you the opportunity to work in the same field. Emergency Management Information Systems is the one. You need to be tech savvy to attain this profession.

Online Emergency Management Degrees Admissions:

Admission procedure for these courses is purely online. You get help from the admission officers of their respective institutes. Eligibility criteria are normal as any other educational course. You need to have a high school degree to get admission to online Bachelors Degree course in Emergency Management. To get enrolled in Masters Degree program you need to have a Bachelors Degree in any stream.

There is no restriction of geographic location for getting admitted to these schools. However some like DeVry University restrict their courses to people based in US and Canada only. On campus recruitment is not available for of the schools except for a few cases where you have to serve a period as intern or trainee at some organization.

Online Emergency Management Degree schools:

Many accredited online universities and colleges provide online emergency management classes online. Walden University one of the most popular online schools as accredited by North Central Association of Schools and Colleges. Strayer University has a regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Some of the online emergency management schools that provide online emergency management classes are listed below:
  • Walden University, Baltimore
  • Capella University, Minneapolis
  • Strayer University, Lorton
  • Kaplan university, Davenport
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology / NJIT, Newark
  • Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix
  • Upper Iowa University, Fayette
Online Emergency Management Degree Requirements

Online emergency management degree schools follow English as the language of communication. The study materials provided are in English. If your native language is not English, you may have to submit proof of your English language proficiency.

Since the course is online and you need to follow online classrooms, you must own a computer with advanced configuration and a high speed internet connection. Some of the colleges provide the details of computer requirements on their website.

Online Emergency Management Degree Financial Aid

Scholarships are also available at some of the online schools. Apart from scholarships, they also provide educational loans. You can repay the loans in cash or by working with the money lenders after finishing the course. The online schools make arrangements with these lenders to make things easy for deserving students.

Careers in Emergency Management:

In general all states and countries have emergency management organizations. Fire services are the most popular among them. Some such organizations deal with all sorts of emergencies such as flood, storms, fire, wildfire, terror attacks and accidents. They are always in need of people due to the increase in climatic changes and social complexities.

You can have the chance to enter prestigious organizations like United Nations Organization or the Red Cross who are the pioneers of emergency management. Online emergency management degrees may help you to get jobs with fire services.

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