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Online Gerontology Programs


Gerontology is the study of biological and psychological aspects of ageing in human beings. It is more of a research procedure than a medical science. Gerontology is a mixed course of study that involves Biology, Psychology as well as Sociology. It as also a growing field of study since the population of elderly people is also growing along with growth in total population.

If you want to pursue a career in allied fields of medical science, Gerontology is a good option. Online Gerontology programs are available at a number of online schools. For psychology students and professionals, Gerontology is a good option to have specialization in.

Psychological support is the thing elderly people need to keep going. In course of ageing, people grow the feeling of loneliness, negligence and fear in themselves. The best way to help them in this position is to do a specialized counseling so as to detect their problems and provide possible cure. Here comes the need of a Gerontologist. Grab this chance by enrolling into online gerontology programs.

Online Gerontology Programs and Courses:

Online Gerontology Programs are conducted by several online Gerontology schools. Mostly online gerontology programs offer you Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree. Online doctoral programs in Gerontology are not available. Even regular gerontology programs are very rare.
  • B.S. in Human Services/Gerontology
  • MS - Gerontology
  • Master of Health Administration / Gerontology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Gerontology
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - Gerontology
  • Master's in Gerontology - Aging Services
Online Gerontology Programs Related Studies:

Gerontology can be associated with other streams of study. A psychologist can as well interact with elderly people acting as a counselor. Another field of study is Geriatrics. Geriatrics is basically a branch of medical science that deals with health disorders in old age.

Online Gerontology Programs Schools:

Several online schools provide online gerontology programs. Masters Gerontology degree and Bachelors Gerontology degree are the only available online gerontology degrees. These schools are accredited by reputed accreditation agencies like The Higher Learning Commission and North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Some of the most popular Online Gerontology Schools are listed below:
  • Capella University, Minneapolis
  • University of Phoenix, Phoenix
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago
  • Kaplan University, Davenport
  • Independence University, National City
  • UMassOnline, Shrewsbury
Online Gerontology Programs Requirements:

Online gerontology programs use English as the language of communication. So proficiency in English is a must to get admission in these courses. Applying candidates should have a computer of specified configuration at home along with a good internet connection. Since the online schools provide online study materials and live video lectures on the internet, the computer and internet connection are really necessary.

Online Gerontology Programs Financial Aid:

Some of the schools conducting online gerontology programs provide financial aid to the students in the form of scholarships and educational loans. Capella University and University of Phoenix offer scholarships from internal and external sources. Capella University is even famous for providing scholarship to around seventy percent of the students. However The Chicago School of Professional Psychology arranges for educational loans.

Careers in Online Gerontology Programs:

Careers in Gerontology are not very less nowadays; rather they are growing day by day. Online gerontology programs provide you a gerontology degree to pursue a career in this field. If you have achieved a degree in gerontology, you can look for opportunities in hospitals, nursing centers, psychological counseling centers as well as old age homes. You can also practice gerontology independently. It is best to have a psychology degree followed by a gerontology degree. That will help you to have a specialization in this field. Fortunately, online psychology degrees and online gerontology programs both are available for students and professionals.

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