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Online Health Promotion & Education degrees


For those who canít attend a full time study program on campus, there are also options of studying online through the internet. Various colleges and universities offer flexible online degrees course which can be completed easily. If you are in the medical field, there are numerous Online Health Degrees which you can enroll into. You can choose from various Online Health Promotion & Education degrees offered by universities and colleges.

This field is also known as wellness studies. Health educators and promoters can educate about importance of exercise, diet, vitamins, and positive behavior. They can also educate the public about HIV/AIDS, immunizations, heart disease, and obstetrics.

Online Health Promotion & Education degrees Details

Students will learn about health patientsí encouragement and education regarding wellness, health and physical fitness through the field of health promotion and education. This is a now a demanding field as people are aging and having health and wellness issues. You can specialize in certain fields while doing Online Health Promotion & Education degrees.

In this field , you will know about healthy lifestyles, medical terminology, overview of health professions, first aid care and emergency response, substance abuse, health issues, sexuality training. There will be training on specialized degrees like weight loss, death and dying, eating disorders, chronic disease management, smoking, stress management etc.

The Online Health Promotion & Education degrees are available in associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. The Associate degrees have a coursework and basic science curriculum in nutrition, sex and drug education, fitness, human health. The Bachelor's degrees have courses in leadership, health and social theory, computer technology, and health education programs. In the masters level, you can specialize in health education or health promotion management.

Online Health Promotion & Education degrees Admissions

There are different admission criteria for various Online Health Promotion & Education degrees. Basically you should have the minimum school diploma or equivalent.

Online Health Promotion & Education degrees Career

As a graduate in Online Health Promotion & Education degrees, you can work in public and private health care establishments in education patients. You can work in companies and corporations in full-time positions or as consultants. There are jobs in schools as health educators. By having a health promotion management, you can work in leadership positions in schools, health care clinics etc. You can work in positions like senior health educator, supervisor, and executive director after competing your masters and doctor level.

Online Health Promotion & Education degrees Schools

Some of the colleges and institutions offering Online Health Promotion & Education degrees are Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Westwood College etc.

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