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Online Respiratory Therapy Degrees


Respiratory Therapy is one of the new branches of health care studies. It did not exist as a separate stream even a few decades ago. Due to increasing pollution level a lot of people suffer from various respiratory disorders. The increasing pollution level in the atmosphere and other genetic disorders lead to severe lung problems. Asthma and Bronchitis are the commonly known respiratory diseases.

In the USA and Canada, Respiratory therapy is treated as a health profession. In general respiratory therapists are registered under two different levels. The National Board for Respiratory Care of USA recognizes them as Certified Respiratory Therapist and Registered Respiratory Therapist. Both licenses can be obtained by appearing tests conducted by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

A number of companies are even training their professionals in respiratory therapy to combat occasional emergencies. Respiratory Therapy is not only a profession but also a necessity nowadays. Online respiratory therapy degrees are quite helpful in providing a good career.

Online Respiratory Therapy Degrees and Courses:

A number of schools conduct Online Respiratory Therapy Programs. The level of study for respiratory therapy varies from certification to Bachelors Degree. These courses include a number of subjects like human physiology and anatomy. Even complex subjects such as microbiology and pharmacology are included in the programs. Some of these courses give you a Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in respiratory therapy. Some of the courses are named below:
  • Associate of Science (AS) in Advanced Respiratory Care
  • BS in Respiratory Care
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Respiratory Care
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Respiratory Therapy
Online Respiratory Therapy Related Studies:

People can enroll into other online respiratory therapy related studies too. One can have a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health also to enter this profession. Widener University conducts two such online courses from its Chester center. The courses are named below:
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Applied Supervision
Online Respiratory Therapy Degrees Admissions:

Admission procedure for these courses is online. Eligibility criteria are normal as any other educational course. They need you to have a high school degree to get admission to online Bachelors Degree course in Respiratory Theory. Online schools providing these programs to working professionals only ask for a reference from the employer.

Mostly the online respiratory therapy degree schools do not limit admission to people of specific geographic locations. In some cases, scholarships are also available. The biggest advantage of these courses is that you do not need to affect your current employment or ongoing education.

Online Respiratory Therapy Degree schools:

Online respiratory therapy schools are good to get enrolled in. Though there are very few schools that conduct Bachelors Degree program in respiratory therapy, there are some schools that provide certification programs too. Most of the courses provide you an associate Degree. To become a licensed respiratory therapist, an associate degree in what you need. In addition to this a Bachelors Degree gives you more opportunities. A few institutes that provide online respiratory therapy degrees are listed below:
  • Independence University, National City
  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix
  • ElementK, Rochester
  • Compliance solutions, Denver
  •, Sunrise
  • Executrain, Alpharetta
  • University of Arkansas for medical sciences, Little Rock
  • California College, San Diego
  • Goodwin College, East Hartford
  • Kaplan college
It is advised that you pass the two additional licensing programs after graduating in respiratory therapy. It makes you eligible for the advanced certification course.

Online Respiratory Therapy Degree Requirements:

All the courses are conducted in the English language. Study materials and online classrooms too maintain English as the language. So you need to have English as your first language. Otherwise a proof of English proficiency has to be submitted. Owning a computer with a high speed internet connection is necessary since online recorded as well as live classes are to be followed.

Careers in Respiratory Therapy:

There are lots of fields to make careers in respiratory therapy. Respiratory Therapy Jobs are well available nowadays due to increasing cases of respiratory disorder. Most of the respiratory therapists get employed by hospitals and clinics. Ambulance services also recruit people with a certification in respiratory therapy.

A number of organizations are recruiting people with this knowledge for their internal emergencies. You always have the option to work as an assistant to physicians or even work independently if you are having a license in respiratory therapy. Fire services and other emergency management organizations also keep people trained in respiratory therapy.

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