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Online Social Work Degrees


Do you have hearty feeling towards the society? Do you often think of a better society with better human behaviors? Then you are the best person to start a career in social work. Check out this page to see how Online Social Work Degrees can help you to make life good for yourself and others. Social work does not have a definition since it always has been a part of human behavior.

Itís the urge to feel good and make others feel good that promotes social work. Social work is fast becoming a leading profession. To enter this profession you need to be a good analyzer and have to do extensive research on your subjects. Study of social theories is the basis of Social Work or Social Services. It is also known as Human Services.

Opportunities in the field of social work are plenty. There are thousands of NGOs throughout the world working in this field. Even large corporate entities are setting up charity work which is commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Such projects include subjects such as childhood development, old age care, woman empowerment, literacy movements and health awareness and many.

Online Social Work Degrees and Courses:

Online social work degrees and courses are designed to help people having problem to attend regular classes. A degree or certificate in social work provides you the gateway to the profession of human services. Online social work degrees or online human services degrees come in handy for interested people. Option of study in this subject is vast and ranges from Associate level to the PhD level. Some of the online social work courses are listed below:
  • Associate of Science in Human Services
  • BA Social Science - Social Services
  • BA Health Care Studies - Social Services
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • BS in Human & Social Services Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • MS - General Human Services
  • MS - Social and Community Services
  • PhD - General Human Services
  • PhD - Social and Community Services
  • PhD in Human Services - Social Policy Analysis and Planning
  • PhD in Human Services - Clinical Social Work
Online Social Work Related Studies:

Social work is such a diversified field that it can not be limited to a single stream of study In fact any stream of study can be utilized for human services. However, there are some subjects other than social work or human services degrees that provide you space for doing active social work. Even an online psychology degree can be helpful in this regard. A few of these studies are mentioned below:
  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Liberal Studies - Psychology & Human Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • MS - Gerontology
  • MS - Mental Health Counseling
  • PhD - Counseling Studies
Online Social Work Degrees Admissions:

Admission to online social work degrees is done through the internet. Each level of degree asks for a minimum qualification of the next lower stage of studies. In some cases relevant work experience is also needed. Since the language of communication is English, you may need to provide evidence of English proficiency. Except from a few online social work schools, most of them do not limit admittance to people of specific geographic locations.

Apart from the English proficiency, a candidate needs to own a computer of prescribed specifications along with a good internet connection. The study materials are sent to you through email. Download options are also available. Live classrooms are conducted for the convenience of students. The best part in attending online human services degree programs is that you do not have to affect your ongoing employment or educational programs.

Online Social Work Degree schools:

Online social work degree schools are the best option if you want to pursue a degree in human services. Most of the online schools are accredited by noted accreditation agencies. So, you get an assured degree on completion of the program. The most reputed online social work schools are listed below:
  • Walden University, Baltimore
  • Capella University, Minneapolis
  • Upper Iowa University, Fayette
  • Iowa Central College Online, Fort Dodge
  • Bellevue University, Bellevue
  • Southeastern University, Lakeland
  • Ashford university, Clinton
Career in Social Work:

Opportunities are galore for people having online social work degrees to make a career in social work. NGOs across the world recruit lots of people for social work. Large business oriented companies also recruit people for their CSR wings. Health awareness organizations always have the need for personnel with an attitude of human services. Especially, AIDS awareness NGOs and anti drug campaigns are in great need of social workers at present. You also have the option to engage in social research programs. No doubt that salary in social work jobs is really good.

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