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Home >> Online Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance

Online Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance


An online master degree in accountancy and finance will provide you that correct equilibrium where you can earn knowledge and work experience simultaneously. Regulations, mandates, guidelines and ethics in the field of accounting and finance have made this discipline a base for competent individuals. It has also created demand for those who have a master degree in accounting and finance to shoulder the responsibility that will be given to them. A master degree in accounting and finance will leverage your career to a new height. It is the route to take up decision making positions from efficient operations. However, work experience is equally important when you opt for a career in the financial sector. The only way you can get best of the both worlds if to opt for an online master degree while you continue to gain relevant work experience.

Getting into full time program at a university is a time consuming process that begins with the hurdles of admission to the tenure of attending regular classes. The virtual alternative provides you the same benefits and also tailored to suit your convenience. A master degree in accounting and finance online also has a direct relationship to your career growth and future income. An accredited online master degree in the field of finance is your gate pass to the multifaceted and competitive world of finance. Financial and accounting concepts, electronic commerce, taxation, financial regulations, capital planning are part of this self paced master degree.

Eligibility for an Online Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance:

For accredited universities the eligibility criteria for admission to an online master degree program in accountancy and finance is more or less similar to the requirements of a full time program. An accredited bachelor degree, relevant work experience, transcripts of previous academic achievements is the usual requirement for an applicant in the online master degree program in accountancy and finance.

Online Master Degree Courses in Accounting and Finance:

Some of the online master degree courses in accounting and finance that are sought after among the student community and working professionals are:

  • MBA - Accounting
  • MBA - Accounting and Finance
  • MS in Accounting and Financial Management
  • MS in Accounting and Information Technology
  • Master's - Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master of Science in Accountancy
  • MS in Accounting- Taxation

    Career in Accountancy and Finance:

    Accounting and financial job opportunities remain for qualified individuals irrespective of the economic environment of the economy. They are either needed to pull the business out of the doldrums or to make hay when the business climate is prosperous. Moreover, every industry needs them. With a master degree in accountancy and finance an aspirant can get into budget planning, capital analysis, public accounting, be a financial officer, a business and financial analyst or even be an income tax professional.

    Universities offering Online Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance:

    Several online universities and online business schools offer online programs in accountancy and finance for advanced learners. You can choose to enroll for an online master degree in accounting and finance from universities like:

  • American Intercontinental University
  • Strayer University Online
  • DeVry University Online
  • Phoenix University Online

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