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Online Operations Management MBA Program


Operations management is a career focused subject and now a days gaining its popularity fast. Many online operations management MBA programs are also accessible for the students who cannot go for any regular courses due to some unforeseen situation. The possibility of job opening is increasing everyday and thus many universities all over the world have come with various online courses in operations management.

Operations management is a study of business management dealing with the manufacture of products and related services. The job of an operation manager is to make sure that the business operations are well-organized or how much resources are needed to make it more successful. A manager is also liable to meet all the requirements of a client. The management also deals with the procedure that changes contribution of labor, energy and materials into production. The main goal of the operation management is to develop the substance of money making activities in that method. An Online MBA program in operation management is dealing with two sub divisional category; manufacturing or production operations and another is service operation and thus the student has to study both operational management as well as operational structure. An operational manager involves in systematization of outsourcing and customer service. He also involves in market optimization.

Online Operations Management MBA Program Requirements:

Different universities lay down different online operations management MBA program requirements. A keen interest with a little knowledge on the subject is a great advantage for the approaching candidates. Excellent computer skills would help you to complete the course successfully. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in this field that trains them for studying master degree program.

Online Operations Management MBA Program Course Duration:

Online operations management MBA program course duration varies with the universities and the previous knowledge of the learner. Usually universities offer 2-3 years online MBA programs. However, one can complete the course before standard duration if he has some experience and knowledge on the said subject.

Operations Management Jobs:

After finishing an online operations management MBA program a student often starts his career as an operations manager in various manufacturing industries, which produce electronics and consumer goods. Some students get various operations management jobs in several service providing companies like architectural and engineering firms and several accounting firms.

Schools offering Online Operations Management MBA Program:

There are a number of online operations management schools available worldwide offering various online degrees on operations management. They also provide study materials in the form of audio-video recordings during the study period. Some of the schools offering online operations management MBA Program:

  • Regis University, Colorado
  • Ashford University, Iowa
  • Northeastern University, Boston
  • Colorado Technical University Online
  • New England College, New Hampshire
  • Walden University Online
  • Stonebridge Associated Colleges (UK)

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