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Online RN to MSN Bridge Program


One of the distinguishing medical professions is nursing. A trained nurse looks after patients with care and also performs small operations. A Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) is needed since it is a specialized profession. So this is needed if you want to become a registered nurse (RN) later on. There are excellent career prospects for MS in Nursing and therefore online RN to MSN Bridge Program is perfect for nursing professionals.

The profession of nursing is in demand with increase in healthcare worldwide. Many nurses may have entered into this profession after graduating in an unrelated field of nursing. Therefore there are several bridge programs for those interested to work in a specialized field without studying for 4 years in a college. There are various online nursing degrees programs available on the internet.

RN to MSN Bridge Program Course Details

The online RN to MSN Bridge Program is a faster program which prepares students for a Master's degree in various specialized areas. The program is not available for everyone and one must have a degree from a recognized institution with general education class work.

Since most candidates are working as registered nurses, a regular class is not possible always. Therefore numerous colleges offer online programs with weekend courses. The course will allow students to give their term-end exams from their homes. After being accepted, one has to complete 24 semester hours of bridge work before starting the specialty work. The online RN to MSN Bridge Program can be completed within 3 years.

RN to MSN Bridge Program Admissions

If you miss the enrollment date, you have to wait for an entire semester to apply again. To get admitted for the program, you need to have a degree in any field apart from nursing and 1 year of work experience along with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

RN to MSN Bridge Program Career

After completing this program, you can quickly climb up the corporate ladder. There are various job openings for nurses who have specialized fields of study and in management. Of course all this comes with a better pay package too.

RN to MSN Bridge Program Schools

The online RN to MSN Bridge Program are available in various colleges like Walden University School of Nursing, Capella University, Graceland University, American Sentinel University - School of Nursing and Wheeling Jesuit University

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