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Online Social Science Degrees


Online Social Science Degrees aim at giving a logical understanding and broader vision of phenomena in the age of critical analysis and empirical findings. Social Sciences help us to have a more humane insight into all incidents and observations around us. Aspirants taking up advanced online study courses in Social Sciences are assured of a rewarding career on completion of their programs. A higher academic degree would allow a candidate to empower oneself with valuable skills without disrupting his or her career.

Online Degrees in Social Sciences enable executives, part timers, servicemen, working women, and young mothers to pursue higher academic qualifications for advancement in career prospects. Social Science covers a huge gamut of courses in Masters, Bachelors, and Associate levels to select from. The option of subjects is also huge thereby allowing candidates to pursue the most appropriate course program. Selection of subjects could be made from economics, history, political science, geography, psychology, theology, political science, womenís studies, market research, human resource, urban planning, and so on.

Admission requirements for enrolling into Online Social Science Programs:

For admittance into a Bachelor Degree Course a candidate must have achieved a High School Diploma and received 2.0 Grade Point Average from an accredited college. For entry into a Materís study program a willing candidate must have been awarded a Bachelorís Degree.

Popular Online Social Science Degree Courses:

Online Social Sciences courses encompass infinite study opportunities. All courses falling under geography, economics, history, religion, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, political science, urban planning, research analysis, market research, theology and psychology are included in Social Science courses. In Economics you could be awarded an Online Bachelor of Arts Degree from Athabasca University, Ashford University, Eastern Oregon University, and Foothill College.

Ashford University also conducts online programs leading to Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Organizational Management. Online BA in Sociology is also awarded by Athabasca University, California State University, and Caldwell College. New Mexico Virtual College acknowledged by North Central Association of Colleges and School offers Bachelor of Arts Online Degree in Sociology.

Columbia Southern University and University of Maryland conduct online study programs leading to BS Degree in Psychology. Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with specialization in Substance Abuse is awarded by Kaplan University.

Online Programs leading to Masters Degrees are also offered by US universities. Norwich University offers online Master of Arts Degree in Military History. American Public University conducts an online course leading to MA in History.

Social Science Careers

Social Science degree studies help one to develop skills in communication, methodologies, logic, and understanding. With a Bachelorís Degree an aspirant could look forward to openings in the capacities of management trainees, market analysts, and assistants. While a Bachelorís Degree helps in acquiring an entry-level job, a Masterís or higher degree assures a more responsible job across all sectors of the economy. As per estimates of 2006, US had a total of 18,000 social science job openings.

Universities offering Online Social Science Degrees:

The renowned online Social Science colleges in United States offering Degree courses include:
  • Ellis University
  • Ashford University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • University of Maryland
  • Norwich University
  • University Of Missouri
  • Regent University

Popular Online Social Science Degrees are:

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