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Online Behavioral Science Degrees


Online Behavioral Science Degrees are higher academic qualifications relating to studies in communication and decision making processes which exist in different sections of human society. All subjects in fields of neurosciences and psychology are treated under Behavioral Science studies. Unlike Social Sciences which have a more universal approach, Behavioral Sciences aim at distinctive areas like education, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, and education.

These Online Degrees in Behavioral Sciences are ideal for employed individuals, servicemen, housewives, and aspirants located in remote areas. Theses online programs lead to Masters, Bachelors, and Associate degrees. The eligibility differs as per the selected degree program. Aspirants aiming for a higher academic qualification in Behavioral Science Studies can pursue an online course for their benefit.

Requirements for Online Behavioral Science Degrees:

The eligibility criterion depends on the selected study program and the institute offering the course. For instance for a Bachelorís Degree program in Bellevue University a candidate must have completed 60 credit hours or achieved an Associate Degree. Masters or Doctoral Degree study programs are offered to candidates having completed Bachelor Degree Programs.

Popular Online Behavioral Science Degrees:

The Universities and Colleges of United States offer online degree courses which have specialized applications. Ashford University offers online courses leading to Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, both Applied Behavioral Science study courses.

Ellis University, among the renowned Behavioral Science Colleges, conducts online study programs culminating with Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Interdisciplinary Studies. Each of these is a specialized course in Behavioral Science programs in Ellis University.

Western International University awards an Online Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, while Bellevue University conducts an online program leading to Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science. Hospitals, medical institutes, and social service organizations also appoint Behavioral Science degree holders from time to time.

In addition to Bachelors degrees, there are a number of universities that offer online Masters Degree. California State University conducts an online course leading to Masters Degree in Behavioral Science with specialization in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Capella University awards online Master of Science degree in Public Health, a Behavioral Science course.

Career Prospects in Behavioral Science:

A degree in Behavioral Science enables a candidate to take up careers in human resources in factories or large enterprises. State authorities and legal services have sufficient scope for Behavioral Science degree holders. Behavioral Science jobs also exist in the hospitality segment.

Universities Offering Online Behavioral Science Degrees:

The notable US institutes offering Online Behavioral Science Degrees include:

  • Ellis University
  • Ashford University
  • Western International University
  • California State University
  • University of North Texas
  • Bellevue University
  • Capella University
  • Lynn University
  • Vincennes University

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