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Online Economics Degrees


Online Economics Degrees have been devised for aspirants who intend to have a better understanding of this subject. Economics not only aids in understanding the finance, product and labor markets, but also the development and growth patterns of a nation. Business trends and trade cycles, important parameters for forecasting expenditure and revenue, are best understood by studying economics.

Online Degrees in Economics are offered at Doctoral, Masters, Bachelors, and Associate levels by various universities across US. Candidates aspiring for a career associated with business development, trade, finance, or infrastructural growth should acquire a higher academic degree in economics. A higher degree in economics helps in securing lucrative job across many industries of the economy. It also helps in enhancing oneís prospects within an organization.

Online Economics Requirements:

Students willing to pursue a higher academic program in economics can either opt for Associate or Bachelorís Degrees. For either of the courses online economics requirements include a General Equivalence Diploma or High School Diploma. During the time of admission to the study program the applicant must attain 22 years of age. For studying online Masterís course an applicant must be a Bachelor Degree holder.

Popular Online Economics Degrees:

A number of leading US universities offer online Economics degree. Ashford University conducts an online study program leading to Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with specialization in Economics. Online Bachelor of Science Degree programs are conducted by Strayer University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Liberty University.

Strayer University offers online programs leading to Associate in Arts in Economics. Utica College offers online Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation. It also conducts a study program leading to MS in Economic Crime Management.

Careers in Economics:

Economics though a very general subject has application in all productive sectors, primary, secondary and tertiary. The secondary or manufacturing sector needs to study market behavior for production planning. Economics jobs are available in the capacities of data collectors, analysts, and advisors. For the position of an economic advisor, a Masterís degree holder is always preferred.

The tertiary or business segment includes banks, marketing and business offices, communication and ITES organizations, and insurance companies. Companies in these sectors need economic students for correctly ascertaining market movements and business cycles.

Universities offering Online Degrees in Economics:

The universities offering online study programs in Economics in the United States include:

  • Ashford University
  • Liberty University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Strayer University
  • Utica College

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