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Online Human Services Degree


An online degree in human services at the graduate, post graduate or doctoral level will groom you to serve the society because serving the society is not an easy job. Have you ever thought of making a change in the community you live? You could counter that you do not need a degree to help that wish come true. But when you think of all the organized work that is going on in this world it is important to learn what is it that causes the chaos? Take a look into the operations of social service organizations, government organizations, educational institutes and areas of corporate social welfare and you will understand that these sectors need trained and knowledgeable manpower to take the initiatives ahead. Criminal justice, community service, manpower management and education are some of the areas that need qualified human service professionals.

Eligibility for an Online Human Services Degree:

If you want to pursue an advanced or doctoral program through a degree in human services online then an accredited bachelor degree is essential as an eligibility criterion. For an undergraduate program in human services in the online format a high school diploma is the general requirement. However, some online universities offering this online social science degree might have special requirements. An admission staff usually guides the students through the enrolment procedure.

Popular Online Courses in Human Services:

Some of the most sought after online programs that cover the vast sphere of human service include courses like:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Human Services - Management of Nonprofit Agencies
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services / Management
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice - Human Services for Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Arts in Human Services Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • Ph.D. in Human Services - Social Policy Analysis and Planning
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Services - General Human Services
  • Ph.D. in Human Services - Clinical Social Work
  • Master of Science (MS) in Human Services - Gerontology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Services - Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Master of Science (MS) in Human Services - Social and Community Services
  • Advanced Start B.S. in Human Services

    Career in Human Service:

    The vast area of human services travels across the economy and the social system. In short a qualified student or professional with a degree in human services has a wide spectrum of career opportunities before him. The aspirant can become a social worker, move into the profession of nursing, therapy or rehabilitation services. He or she can be a part of non profit organizations, schools and colleges. Even the corporate recruit human service degree holders to give themselves a human face. Personnel management, training, HR professionals are some of the options in the service sector.

    Universities offering Online Human Services Degree:

    Several internationally recognized universities offer online degree courses in human services. An applicant can also pick from several online social science universities to opt for a program that best suits his requirements. Some of the well known universities in this field are:

  • Capella University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Walden University
  • kaplan University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Ashford University
  • Widener University
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Bellevue University

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