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Online Journalism and Communication Degrees


Online Journalism and Communication Degrees have been devised by many universities in the United States to enable willing candidates for earning an academic degree in one of the most sought after disciplines of the modern world. With the technological advancement in satellite and telecommunication coupled with the growth of media houses, the need for journalists and other fourth estate members has increased significantly in the last two decades. Online journalism degrees are being offered by US colleges and universities for the convenience of employed professionals, part-timers and housewives who want to pursue a career in press and media.

Candidates with strong curiosity and aptitude for investing the unknown make good journalists. A formal academic qualification in Journalism and Communication helps a candidate in getting the perfect job in the media or press. Working individuals, servicemen, and housewives willing to pursue a career in journalism could undergo an Online Program in Journalism and Communication for furthering their career possibilities. US universities offer study programs leading to Doctoral, Masterís, Bachelorís and Associate Online Degrees.

Requirements for Online Study Programs in Journalism:

The eligibility criteria depend on the study program chosen. For an Associate Online Degree an applicant needs of at least 22 years of age and a holder of High School Diploma or Degree. A full time work experience is preferred by most universities and colleges. Applicants with a High School diploma or degree could also opt for Online Bachelorís Degree Courses. Aspirants seeking Masterís degree must have been awarded a Bachelorís Degree.

Popular Online Journalism and Communication Degrees:

There are a number of popular online journalism courses offered by the universities of United States. University of Phoenix offers an online program leading to Associate of Arts Degree in Communications. Online Associates of Arts Degree in Visual Communication is awarded by American InterContinental University. Kalpan University offers Online Advanced Start B.S. Degree in Communications. It also conducts online study program leading to Associate in Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication.

Kalpan University in addition, conducts Bachelor of Science programs in Communications, and Organizational Communications. On line Degree in Bachelor of Science in Communication is also awarded by University of Phoenix. Ashford University conducts a host of study programs leading to Online Bachelor of Arts Degrees. These courses are B.A. in Social Science with specialization in Communications, B. A. in Communication Studies, B. A. in Organizational Management with specializations in Visual Communication and Foreign Language Studies.

For Online Masterís Degree, the MS study program in Entertainment Business may be pursued.

Career in Journalism and Communication:

Journalism and Communication is a specialized and focused area of activity. With the dominance of media in todayís world of communication, careers in journalism and communication abound. These journalism graduates easily find openings in the capacities of correspondents or copywriters in the press. Trainee journalists might also be absorbed as reporters in electronic media houses. Organizations having regular press releases or public relation operations have openings for candidates graduating with journalism and communication degrees.

Universities offering Online Journalism and Communication Degrees:

The following US universities offer Online Degrees in Journalism and Communication:

  • American InterContinental University
  • Ashford University
  • Fall Sail University
  • Kaplan University
  • University of Phoenix

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