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Online Women’s Studies Degree


To explore this vast area of women’s studies at your convenience choose from the various online women’s studies degree that focuses on unique areas of interest. Women have always evoked mystery, curiosity, questions and opinions across the world. The role of women in literature, art, the social order, religion has a tremendous impact on how the society evolves over time. If you are curious to learn the complex framework of the life of a woman and factors that shape it a degree in women’s studies would take you to the answers you are looking for. An online degree in women’s studies will introduce the learner to the history of feminism, feminist movements, the differences between men and women and aspects of women’s health. The involvement of women in international politics and women leaders are also integral to women’s studies online.

Women’s studies degrees online highlight distinct areas like politics, art and literature, social order, management etc. Women’s studies are one of the most sought after subjects today that has a practical orientation. With a direct bearing on the issues of women today the subject has been chosen by professionals and students alike. Social workers, legal professionals, medical practitioners, government agencies, non profit organizations, academicians, creative individuals constitute the student community of women’s studies. A degree in women’s studies can be pursued online at graduate and post graduate level depending upon the interest and aptitude of the student.

Eligibility for an Online Women’s Studies Degree:

The eligibility criteria for enrolling into an online women’s studies degree depends on the course that you are applying to. At the undergraduate level you can apply with a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some knowledge of mathematics, English, science would be essential. If you want to apply for a master degree program in women’s studies online an accredited bachelor degree is needed. The universities offering this online social science degree might have varying criteria but all of them ask for students who are critical thinkers with power of verbal and written communication and can exploit the online resource optimally.

Online Courses in Women’s Studies:

The online course in women’s studies lets a student earn a bachelor degree, master degree, doctoral degree and even professional diplomas. Some of the online degree courses in women’s studies that are popular among the students include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies
  • Master of Liberal Studies in Women's and Gender Studies
  • M.A. and D.A. in the Humanities with concentration on Africana Women's Studies
  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Women's Spirituality
  • M.A. and D.A. in the Humanities with concentration on Africana Women's Studies
  • M.A. in Women's and Gender Studies
  • M.A. Program in Jewish Gender and Women's Studies
  • PhD in Women's Studies
  • Masters in Applied Women's Studies
  • M.A. and Ph. D. in Women's Studies in Religion

    Career in Women’s Studies:

    The periphery of women’s studies envelopes all the sectors offering job opportunities. Career prospects for degree holders on women’s studies include being a human rights activist, legal professional, media professional, journalist, academician, artist, being an official at the women’s help organization are some of the prospects. You can also explore a future as an entrepreneur, political activist, human resource manager, government official and so on.

    Universities offering Online Women’s Studies Degree:

    Some of the online social science universities offer distance learning programs in women’s studies. A student looking for enrolment into an online women’s studies degree can choose from universities like:

  • Universities of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Western Kentucky University
  • University of Toronto
  • Union Institute and University, OH

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