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Online Information Systems Security


Online Information Systems Security is a study program which has been devised very recently after increase in installation base of computer systems across all continents. With all critical information being stored in the systems network of an organization its data need to be protected not only from external sources but also internally. Enterprises with large computer systems setup have a dedicated team for looking after it. Companies running critical applications like ATM operations, telecommunications, on-line booking need support and security round the clock

Information System includes the entire hardware network with its communication devices and software. Information Systems Security courses entail studies in computer hardware, networking devices, management and application software, internet laws, and cyber crimes. Information Systems Security courses leading to online degrees are extremely useful to working candidates who wish to make a career in information systems security.

Eligibility for studying Information Systems Security:

There are certain criteria for taking up study programs leading to online Information Systems Security degrees. Universities and colleges offer Associate, Bachelorís, Masterís and Doctoral degrees to aspiring candidates who have difficulty in attending campus lessons. Applicants aiming for an online certificate study program needs to be at least a High School Diploma holder or passed the General Equivalency Diploma Exam. Same conditions are required for pursuing an Online Bachelorís Degree program. For enrolling into a Masterís course an applicant must be a Bachelorís Degree holder.

Information Systems Security courses:

Studies in Information System Security include lessons in computer hardware, networking devices, application and management software, cyber crimes, and internet laws. American InterContinental University offers study programs leading to Online Information Systems Security Degrees in Bachelor studies. Online Bachelorís Degree in Information Security is awarded by American Sentinel University, University of Phoenix, and Westwood College.

Westwood College offers online Information Systems Security Bachelorís Degree, while Virginia College awards Bachelorís Degree in Network Cyber security. Utica College conducts an online study program leading to Bachelorís Degree in Cyber security with specialization in Information Assurance and Cyber crime. Online Bachelorís Degree study course in Information Technology with specialization in Security is conducted by Colorado Technical University.

Information Systems Security courses leading to Masterís Degree are conducted by American InterContinental University, Lewis University, Virginia College, and Colorado Technical University.

Career in Information Systems Security:

Information Systems Security career opportunities lie in all companies having a wide area network setup or run critical applications. Cyber crime has become a menace which is being taken up very seriously by security agencies and financial institutes. Companies running vital programs and maintaining secret data need to protect their systems and applications from hacking, cyber theft, or leakage of information.

Information Systems Security Universities:

Information Systems Security Colleges that offer online computer security degree programs in United States include:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Virginia College
  • Lewis University
  • American Sentinel University
  • Westwood College
  • Urica College
  • American InterContinental University
  • Colorado Technical University

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