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Online Technology Certificates


An Online Technology Certificate has thus been designed keeping in mind that it is important that you are able to continue your profession while you opt to develop your unique skills. A degree would probably ensure that you get that first call for your interview leading to the first job. But if you have been a part of the job market you must have realized that how integral specialization is both to excel at your work and for professional growth. A technology certificate will be an authentication of your special ability in the field of technology. To assure yourself that such a certificate is essential check with the working professionals whose employers have encouraged them to opt for one. But given that you are already employed taking substantial time off to earn a professional certificate might not be an easy task. Moreover, the loss of work experience might have an adverse effect on your career growth.

Getting a technology certificate online has its own benefits. Online technology certificates cover areas like programming, network development, learning the computer language and development of websites. Online Technology Certificates are also available in areas like accounting, management and science. Online certificates stresses on developing skill set that can be put to use directly in the related profession by concentrating on specific procedures and online assignments minus the hurdle of attending a campus program

Eligibility for an Online Technology Certificates:

Online technology certificates are mostly chosen by working professionals hence a relevant work experience is essential if you are thinking of opting for this online program. Moreover, online technology certificates are also offered by institutes keeping in mind the specific requirement of the employer to enhance the knowledge and efficiency of an employee. Employers often sponsor such online programs as a part of workforce training. For an advanced certificate in computer technology a student will need some knowledge of computers to understand the online course. However, universities might have varied eligibility criteria depending on the nature of the online technology certificate.

Popular Online Technology Certificates:

Working professionals opt for an online technology certificate to upgrade their skills in the use of particular technology. The online certificates are available both at basic and advanced level depending on the requirement of the learner. Some of the sought after technology certificates in the online format include:

  • Internet and Website Development Certificate
  • Certificate in Research and Development
  • Information Technology Pathway Certificate
  • Visual Communication Certificate
  • Certificate in Web Development
  • Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificates
  • Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate

    Career in Technology:

    In recent times there has been a rapid growth in the technology jobs available to an individual who has undergone training through an online technology degree program. Being a database administrator, web developer or a professional in the field of automotive technology are some of the available options.

    Universities offering Online Technology Certificates:

    Several online technology universities offer online programs in technology. Aspirants who wish to take an online technology certificate can take a look at the offerings from the following universities and institutes:

  • Denver University Online
  • Capella University Online
  • University of Phoenix Online
  • Netcom Information Technology, Inc. - Boot Camp
  • Strayer University Online
  • Rasmussen College Online
  • Drexel University Online
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
  • Thomson Education Direct
  • Jones College Online

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