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List of top 10 Online Bachelor Degree Colleges


Online Colleges ushered in a new season in the environment of education that promised to be student friendly, industry oriented and offering the best value for time and money. If you look into the top 10 Online Bachelor Degree Colleges you will be pleasantly surprised by the academic fortune the system of distance learning offers to anyone who believes in gaining knowledge. But the academics offered at the online bachelor degree colleges do not merely cater to the need for a degree. The courses at these online colleges are tailored keeping in mind the students who look for a quick and convenient way to earn a degree and those who are gifted with work experience.

Before you opt for a college when you have made your mind to go for an online bachelor degree, take a minute. Look into the list of the colleges and universities that offer online degrees and what makes them the better choice. In terms of courseware, reputation in the academic world, experience of previous students and professional success of their respective alumni has made the institutes a name to reckon with. Enrolments at these bachelor degree colleges are high especially in their online branches as the success rate of their student population continues to make an impact.

List of top 10 Online Bachelor Degree Colleges:

Listed below are the names of the online bachelor degree colleges that have become the favored choice among online degree seekers.

DeVry University Online: As one of the most revered names in the field of online education providing contemporary education in the self paced format, DeVry University provides the best value for investment. The university has a faculty resource dedicated towards distance learning courses that enrich the learning process through real life industry experiences.

Westwood College Online: Academics and profession are the two most essential roads to success. To move ahead in life it is important that you are able to move on both simultaneously. The Westwood College ensures exactly that with an exciting blend of options that range from business to criminal studies.

Kaplan University Online: If you are looking to earn an online bachelor degree and have come across Kaplan University be assured that your search ends there. At Kaplan University, you need to have a dream; the rest is taken care of. An accredited online bachelor degree from Kaplan University will ensure you have the right knowledge in a lesser time and preparing to introduce yourself very soon for the professional world.

Grand Canyon University Online: The online degree programs at the Grand Canyon University have recognized that education today needs to match up to a fast paced life. Liberal arts, business, healths, education, the choice of degree programs are fascinating at Grand Canyon.

Baker College Online: An online bachelor degree program at Baker Online is aimed to bring that big change in your future without upsetting your schedule. So while you continue to work part time, the online program that you pursue will make you progressive enough to become a professional in demand in the job market.

Strayer University Online: When education becomes high in quality, affordable for learners, convenient for professionals and nursed under an able faculty you must have stopped at Strayer University. Online tutoring for free has made sure that enrolment at the online bachelor degrees at Strayer keeps moving up.

Ashford University Online: The online bachelor degree course at the Ashford University even lets you earn the degree in a year if you have transfer credits. The AU Online also maintains a minimum attendance rate where a student just needs to log in for two separate days per week.

Colorado Technical University Online: The specialty of online bachelor degree programs at Colorado Technical University Online is that the courses even lets the students opt for a style of learning. At CTU Online a learner is free to interact with instructors and classmates while learning and even take support from the career counselor to seek employment assistance.

University of Phoenix Online: Education is personalized at the Phoenix University Online. One of the sought after names in distance learning, the online courses also allows a student to download course material and books virtually with a continuous technical support.

Capella University Online: When opting for a bachelor degree online from Capella University you are actually opting from programs that have secured national awards in a classroom that is a click away. Convince your apprehensions through a free online seminar before you enroll.

Popular Top 10 Online Bachelor Degree Colleges are:

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