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Kaplan University


Flexibility, cost effectiveness and convenience are the key features of the e-learning programs offered by Kaplan University which is one of the Top Online Colleges and one of the best of its kind in Chicago. The interactive and comprehensive study programs offered by the online education system of Kaplan University ensure a lucrative career and a promising career for the students.

Kaplan University Accreditation is through an organization named “The Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Again the University is also accredited by NCA which is an associate of the “North Central Association of Colleges and Schools”. Another nationally accepted accrediting Commission named DETC or “Distance Education and Training Council” has recognized the Concord Law School which is one of the major Kaplan University Online Schools.

Kaplan University Online Programs:

The degrees that are offered online at Kaplan University which is one of the Top 10 Online Science & Technology Colleges, are designed in such a way that help an individual develop a strong foundation and gather sound knowledge on his or her chosen subjects which in future help them excel in their profession. Kaplan online University is also recognized as one of the Top 10 Online Bachelors Degree Colleges and one of the Top 10 Online Social Science Colleges in USA. There are certain areas of study that are available through Kaplan online. These online programs are as follows:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Concord Law
  • Legal Studies
  • Nursing
  • Information Technology
  • Arts and Science
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Education etc.

    Kaplan University Online Degrees:

    Through the online programs offered by Kaplan University, an individual can grab these following rewards:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • Master’s Degree Program
  • Advanced Start Bachelor’s Degree
  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Professional Certifications
  • Law Degrees etc.

    Admission procedures of Kaplan University:

    The admission procedures and the eligibility criteria for enrollment in the programs of online Kaplan University are quite flexible and not so stringent. However the students have to provide the University with GED certificate and any document that proves that the student has successfully completed his or her high school graduation programs. For admission in the graduate program online at this University, one has to submit an unofficial transcript which states the proof of bachelor’s degree completion. An admission advisor from the University can be contacted through phone who can advise about the admission criteria and requirements in details. The admission advisor can be reached at the number of 866. 527. 5268.

    Kaplan University students services:

    The University offers certain student support services that are extremely beneficial for the students who choose to pursue their studies through the online mode. There is a students support desk as well as a technical support desk for the students. Both of these can be contacted vial email, Again for any query for student support and any sort of academic issues, one can contact the student support center by calling the toll free number of 866.522.7747. Other effective student’s service offered by the University online is the career counseling service that is offered by a career advisor. Moreover for better rapport building with fellow students and the faculty, the University offers another student service forum through clubs and organizations.

    Contact Details:

    Kaplan University
    Phone: 866.527.5268.

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