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Top 10 Online Science and Technology Universities


The online science and technology universities have become a bridge between the students and the advanced society we live in today. University education in the field of science and technology trains the students to develop the intellect that will help them to identify and solve a problem. Science and technology has enveloped each and every aspect of our personal and professional lives to help us overcome natural constraints. Consequently, higher education and research activities in this field have been triggered to speed up such innovations and advancements that will address our everyday lives and its issues in a positive manner. Progress in the area of technology and science has eventually become integrated with the operation of areas like finance, media, consumer goods, health, education, defense, computer technology and every business community.

It is technology that has become the backbone of every profession to make it sustainable to cope up with the changing dynamics of the industry. But implementation of the various techniques of science and technology needs specific skill set and to achieve that education is the only tool. This is how the role of science and technology universities has become interconnected to contemporary education. With the spread of distance education online science and technology universities has given the global student community the chance to gain exposure to a science and technology curriculum that meets international standards.

Programs of Study in Top 10 Online Science and Technology Universities:

The science and technology online universities offer learners programs that cover a diverse area of study. The online courses at these universities are tailored to match the varying interest and ambition of the learners. Online science and technology courses are available at the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Mathematics, fire science, forensic science, engineering courses, aviation management, computer science, radiology, biotechnology, and laboratory science are some of the popular areas of study at an accredited online science and technology university. The students in these online universities comprises of part time learners, working adults, professionals, single parents and even retuning students. The popular online science and technology universities offer accredited online degrees in related subjects which are treated at par with full time campus programs. Flexibility in terms of class schedule, affordability, updated courseware, the interactive method of instruction has made sure that the popularity of the top 10 online science and technology universities has skyrocketed over time.

Courses offered in Top 10 Online Science and Technology Universities:

Science and technology courses at the bachelor, master and doctoral level are available at the top online science and technology universities. Apart from degree level programs, professional certificate courses are also available at these universities. Some of the online science and technology programs that are popular among online university students are highlighted below:
  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems (BSCIS)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Bachelor of Technology (Information Systems)
  • Master of Science in Educational Psychology for Professional Educators (MSPE)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) - Internet Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Business / Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management
  • AS in Applied Science and Technology
  • Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences - Engineering Management
  • Information Technology Pathway Certificate
  • Master of Technology in Business Systems Design & Management
  • Software Engineering for Web Applications
Admission to the Top 10 Online Science and Technology Universities:

The admission requirements for science and technology courses at the top 10 online science and technology universities would vary with the level of the degree for which application is made. For post baccalaureate programs usually an accredited bachelor degree is required. However, the criteria might vary with the course and institution. A high school diploma or GED is necessary for admission to an online undergraduate science or technology course. Knowledge of mathematics, English and computers is essential. The applicant should have a keen interest on the subject he wishes to pursue.

List of the Top 10 Online Science and Technology Universities:

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