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Top 10 Online Social Science Colleges


The top 10 online social science colleges have made sure that access to quality programs in this field is not restricted by geography. Consequently students from across the globe can further their search for knowledge in one of the oldest fields of study that enriches the human mind in the truest sense. A student of social science is generally aware and farsighted. He is conscious of the history, learnt the workings of the social system and has the ability to express himself through writing and can make a difference to the society. As an interdisciplinary branch of study, social science focuses on urban studies, education, economics, sociology politics and history and so on. A student of social science can move into academics, serve government agencies, be a legal professional, get engaged in social work or research. An online degree in social science at the graduate, post graduate, associate or advanced level will ensure that you are groomed to be rational individual.

List of Top 10 Online Social Science Colleges:

Several universities and colleges offer the option of online learning in the branch of social science. To get familiar with the universities that offer social science courses online, check the list below.

Argosy University Online: Online degrees in social science from Argosy University Online give the feel of world class education within a room. To provide education with a blend of professionalism and heritage is the specialty of Argosy University.

Baker College Online: By being an online student of social science at the Baker College Online you can be assured that someone is looking after your career goal. The online social science courses at Baker are structured in a way that supports self paced study.

South University Online: With online social science classes scheduled an online student can log onto the virtual classroom throughout the day, evening or night. The university ensures that both full time and online students receive the same attention while pursuing a program.

Keisen University e-campus: The Keisen University provides online programs that are one generation ahead. The online classes of social science at the university bring together an international student community who enrich the learning process through interaction.

Grand Canyon University Online: The degree programs in social science at the Grand Canyon University Online are aimed to accommodate learners with varying level of interest and aptitude but with a common interest towards learning.

University of Phoenix Online: The social science courses offered to students at the University of Phoenix Online will let you know how the university has responded to the changing needs of education through its courseware, faculty resource and student service.

Capella University Online: Accredited online social science degrees offered at the Capella University Online will help you taste the flavor of industry supported online programs which is even bringing in employer reimbursement for the online course.

Kaplan University Online: There is no reason to think that an online degree from the Kaplan University means you are not at par with campus degree holder. Personalized attention to students, affordable education with financial aid, intensive academics with online discussion forums and online assignments are integral to the online courseware at the university.

Ashford University Online: From public administration to business information, the Ashford University Online provides an amazing consortium of social science degrees which could even exceed the options that is available to a full time student of a university.

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